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Music Therapy Services provided by Fogerty Music Therapy are focused on obtaining clinical goals through a whole-person, client-centered approach.

We offer individual and group music therapy services and adapted music lessons in your home. We also partner with educational and healthcare agencies in the Bloomington community, meeting clients in facilities, schools, and hospitals.

Our Music Therapy Services

Individual Music Therapy

Individual Music Therapy

Goal-focused individualized music therapy services for individuals of all ages and abilities. We adapt our treatment to meet each client’s needs and strengths.

Group Music Therapy

Group Music Therapy

Goal-oriented group music therapy services for all ages and abilities. We address group’s needs and strengths, while striving to address each individual group member’s needs.

Contractual Music Therapy

Contractual Music Therapy

Music therapy services for educational and healthcare settings. We partner and meet your community’s needs. In addition to clinical services, we provide consultations for integrated music programs.

Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted Music Lessons

A specialized creative teaching approach provided for individuals with special needs interested in learning an instrument. The focus is on learning musical skills with an emphasis placed on individual growth.

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Evaluation & Assessment

We evaluate goal areas during the assessment process, including but not limited to behavioral, cognitive, communication, emotional, motor, and social skill areas.

Ongoing Treatment

At the conclusion of the assessment, a comprehensive treatment plan is implemented. Goals are constantly evaluated during treatment and quarterly progress reports are included.

Intervention & Approach

We focus on a goal-oriented, whole person approach. We use music in such a way that it often accelerates accomplishment of therapy goals and objectives.


“Her eyes light up with smiles when Music Therapy happens.  The sessions motivate her to interact, communicate, and to learn.

Words cannot describe the moment when something clicks for your child and they understand how to do something. Many of these clicks for my son have occurred in Music Therapy and very well may not have in any other way.”

Music therapy is taking his favorite interests and using them to motivate him to communicate and connect. Sessions include instruments, singing, dancing, and body movement among other things. The therapist is constantly turn-taking and talking back and forth…encouraging him to use whole sentences and respond with his own thoughts and ideas.”

The evidence is clear that music is critical as a therapy component for many people with disabilities. Not only do the participants enjoy the weekly class, they learn valuable skills and have the opportunity to socialize with peers.”

“Music Therapy is indeed a valued piece in these consumers’ programs, motivating them to interact, communicate, and enjoy music as they do so!   It is a positive teaching tool.

“Our daughter, who has Down Syndrome, has received Music Therapy for the last several years.  It has been one of the highlights of her schedule each week.  Not only has it been beneficial to her musical skill development it has particularly been a huge support for her speech skills.  The interaction with music seems to make the process of speech development much more interesting and attainable.

“It is a very creative approach to therapy and allows for individual personalities and interests to come through further encouraging connections.”

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